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Final Intuition, A Berkley Prime Crime, Karma Crime Mystery, published in February, 2006. ISBN# 0-425-20855-9. $6.99.
An Update from Claire

NEW: The Writer to Writer Reminders that I wrote with Lynne Murray are now available in e-book form!

Dear Reader,

Claire Daniels hasn't done much lately, but her other self, Jaqueline Girdner, is returning.  She writes me to say:

"Calling all Kate Jasper fans: shEEE's back!  At least, she's on her way back, traveling from the past on the E-train.

"Marin County, California's, own, organically grown, amateur sleuth will be re-issued by E-Reads in January of 2008.  All twelve of Kate's adventures will become available electronically as e-books and in paper as print-on-demand trade paperbacks.

"It seems that I, a self-confessed Luddite, will be on the leading edge of electronic publishing.  E-eek!  It's a little like Mr. Magoo guiding climbers up Mount Everest, but there we are.  And I am very happy to be your guide.

"There are four ways to read electronically: on your personal computer screen, on a PDA (e.g. a PalmPilot or a Blackberry), on your cell phone (e.g. Motorola i930), or on a dedicated e-book reading device (e.g. the Sony Reader).  Phew!  Once I'm actually in pixels, I'll guide you with specific links that will take you directly to the e-Everest of e-books.  Also, fellow writer Lynne Murray, Super-Spouse Greg Booi, and I are planning a new blog that will explore the ins-and-outs of electronic publishing.

"And never fear, you'll be able to buy the books in paper too.  You can either purchase them through E-Reads or go to your brick and mortar independent booksellers and ask for the books which they will be able to order from their Ingram's distributor.

"If your head is spinning with all these possibilities, you're not alone.  My head's spinning like a record on a turntable.  Oops, old technology!  So until the next time, I'm...

"Yours In Murder Most E-Revived,

"Jaki Girdner"

Thanks for Reading,
Claire Daniels

Writer to Writer Reminders

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