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Advance praise and reviews for BODY OF INTUITION
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"A Karma Crime mystery debuts with Body of Intuition from Claire Daniels, best known as Jaqueline Girdner. This wonderful debut introduces recovering attorney and alternative healer Cally Lazar reading murderous auras at a New Age seminar with the help of her keen sensory skills and her cane. Always enjoyable and ever-fresh characterizations make entertaining mystery reading from a pro."
-Mary Alice Goldman and Richard Goldman, Mystery Scene

"Body of Intuition is an excellent first outing for Cally Lazar. The mystery is tough to solve, the characters refreshing, and the setting is unique. With humor leading the way, as well as Cally's grit and unusual method of swearing, I am glad I got to meet her. Claire Daniels starts off her new series with a bang, and I look forward to the next in the series!"
-Tracy Farnsworth, Mysterious Corner, The Romance Reader's Connection

"Hilarious and outrageous are words that come to mind in trying to describe this tale. Alternative medicine could have taken a real beating as a form of therapy, but it holds up quite well as a credible modality. It is the denizens of the story that provide the fodder for laughter. Their interactions with each other add fuel to a smoldering fire bursting with the colors Cally sees emanating from each body.

"This is the first Claire Daniels novel, but not the first book produced by the owner of this pseudonym. Her wry wit shines through with entertaining clarity. The tone is conversational, almost as if Cally were sitting at my dinner table telling a grand story.

"Murder is no laughing matter, but in Claire Daniels' capable hands, catching a murderer has never been so amusing."
-Sandie Herron, I Love A Mystery Newsletter

"Claire Daniels has written a creative New Age psychic mystery starring a heroine that it is impossible not to like. The author writes in a breezy easy going and humorous manner so that readers don't feel overwhelmed from the complex plot with numerous viable suspects. This is the first installment in what looks to be a unique hit series."
-Harriet Klausner,

"This is a light read for those times when warmth and gentle humor appeal."
-The Drood Review of Mystery

"Welcome to Cally Lazar, a wonderful New Age heroine. Claire Daniels' first mystery novel, Body of Intuition, is a holistic prescription for fun -- enjoyable side effects include laughter and a riveting plot. Daniels takes us on a journey into the heart of murder at an 'intimacy seminar' with her heroine, medical intuitive Cally Lazar, yet she never loses touch with the healing power of humor in this absorbing and endlessly entertaining mystery."
-Lynne Murray, author of A Ton of Trouble

"Prognosis: original, innovative and unique. Don't miss Cally Lazar's fresh approach to problem-solving. Claire Daniels creates an 'energetic' plot with captivating characters. Body of Intuition will open up your mind to new perspectives."
-Janet Rudolph, editor, Mystery Readers Journal

"Fans of Jaqueline Girdner's Kate Jasper series will relish Claire Daniels' new Cally Lazar series. Cane-wielding Cally and the rest of the cast are a delight."
-Jan Dean, Murder Most Cozy

"Intuitive healer Cally Lazar will brighten up your aura as she diagnoses a mysterious death during an intimacy workshop. Whether your aura is serenely silver or your karma needs a tune-up, you'll enjoy Cally!"
-Kate Derie, / The Deadly Directory

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