Writer To Writer Reminders: Tickles, Tips, And Tricks For Writers

[illustration]Hi, Lynne Murray and Jaki Girdner (aka Claire Daniels) here. We met in a writer's critique group. The idea of a tickle file kept tickling our fancy until we decided to offer to email a free weekly writing reminder of tips and tricks gathered in our combined 40-50 years (depending on how you count) of writing for publication.

Now, you may ask: what is a tickle? No, not that kind! And how can you tell a tip from a trick?

A tickle file is a calendar or system with reminders of upcoming events or tasks that need to be done.

A tip is a bit of advice that we are sharing because it has proven useful.

A trick sometimes indicates hidden knowledge -- a short cut that is not readily visible until it is pointed out.

When we came up with the idea for Writer to Writer Reminders, as an online tickle file, we decided to call ourselves the Tickle Sisters because we have such different approaches to writing. Between us, we span the alpha and omega of how the writing process gets done.

One of us, let's call her Ms. Reminder, has a tickle file early warning for each event, a detailed outline (and chart!) for every book, and index cards for every occasion. The other, whom we'll call Ms. Amnesia, has trouble remembering what day, year, and room she happens to be in, couldn't outline a book to save her soul, and frequently isn't sure how a book is going to end until she actually writes it.

Except for that, our creative processes are remarkably similar!

WRITE ON! -- LYNNE & JAKI, Formerly the MAADwomen at Mutual Admiration from the Asylum Newsletter, now the Tickle Sisters!

Lynne Murray, author of A Ton of Trouble and three other Josephine Fuller mysteries
Jaqueline Girdner aka Claire Daniels, author of Strangled Intuition, the Cally Lazar mystery series, and 12 books in the Kate Jasper series.

Copyright © Lynne Murray and Jaki Girdner 2004-07, artwork copyright © Jaki Girdner, 2004.
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