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Writing is the most individual thing a person can do, and each of us has to discover what works by trial and error, because what sparks the creative process in one might totally stall another. Also what works may change and evolve over time.

When I got serious about writing I took an alternative university course on writing science fiction short stories from author, Mel Gilden, who still writes science fiction.

Mel introduced us to Robert Heinlein's 5 Rules, that became my mainstay for years.


I've written two books for writers in Holly Lisle's 33 Worst Mistakes series:

33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make about Courtroom Law
Amazon - Smashwords - Barnes & Noble - A Conspiracy of Authors

33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make about San Francisco
Amazon - Smashwords - Barnes & Noble - A Conspiracy of Authors

Jaqueline Girdner and I put together a short ebook of Writer to Writer Reminders, Tickles, Tips and Tricks.


Getting feedback on writing can be a major challenge. There are courses around, and editors for hire, but writers can also can band in together in writers' critique groups, either locally or in online groups.

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Writing Links & Links for Writers

One author I know personally who teaches courses and edits on the Internet is Shelley Singer.

The Business of Writing: Miss Snark dispensed truth and pain about publishing business from 2004-2007, her archives are still valuable.

Mystery Writers & Things Mysterious

I believe mystery writers are the mellowest creatures on earth, because they can get rid of any pent-up aggression with ease. They can kill anyone they want, any time they want, any way they want, and never have to go to jail for it. I have had some wonderful times in the company of my fellow mystery writers.

Jaqueline Girdner and I have done many signings together as an informal "Gracie Allen & Gracie Allen" act. We also offer the Tickle Sisters Tips and Tricks for Writers, and for years we sent out an occasional newsletter, Mutual Admiration from the Asylum Department, archived here. Aside from her Kate Jasper series, featuring a vegetarian, gag gift store owner, Jaki has written a series under the pen name of Claire Daniels, about a medical intuitive sleuth, Cally Lazar.

Mystery Writers of America NorCal has some wonderful people writing great books.

Sisters In Crime, Northern California, a friendly group for all who love mysteries.

Independent mystery bookstores are great places to find books that large chains would never think to stock.


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