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Size Acceptance

Size acceptance resources are constantly arising, as individuals and groups are inspired to create them. Searching the web you can find kindred spirits all over the globe. Here are some I particularly enjoyed meeting.

  • Laurie Toby Edison's photographic images of fat nudes, together with Debbie Notkin's powerful text, can be seen at
  • I love the artwork at Hawkdancing Studio.
  • Romance writer Pat Ballard now has several books with ample heroines.
  • Sue Ann Jaffarian's mysteries featuring feisty, plus-sized, middle-aged Odelia Grey are now being published by Midnight Ink Books and have been optioned for a television series—go Sue Ann!
  • In Australia, these women have been encouraging and inspiring one another since 1991 as Rosemary's Notebook.
  • Jen at reviews books featuring realistically-proportioned heroines.
  • The lovely Darlene Cates was kind enough to do an interview with me where she speaks out, in her gentle, heartfelt way, about the damage she and others have suffered from weight loss surgery.
  • Some wonderful Health At Every Size links at
  • Beth Mowry, a librarian in Northern California, was kind enough to contact me. She runs an outreach program for teens focusing on media, health and body image, and one teen, Becca, discovered the following great link, which I'll share!


I love them. The ones who live with me were all rescued, one way or another, and they are constantly returning the favor. These are just a few of the many good people helping cats.

  • A pioneer that has tremendous resources for helping feral and abandoned cats, Alley Cat Allies.
  • The San Francisco SPCA is a no-kill animal adoption center that offers wonderful outreach programs including a Free Feral Fix Clinic, adoption center, etc.
  • A Florida nonprofit called "It's Meow or Never" rescues and houses strays. MEOW power to them!
  • Hopalong, a nonprofit organization in the San Francisco East Bay that does fantastic work with adoptable kittens, puppies and adult animals that need special fostering.
  • Neuter Neuter Land: Humor and a serious message.
  • For cat health/behavior questions, this marvelously positive, supportive Yahoo group: Cats: Health and Behavior
  • Another Yahoo group that provides moral support and practical ideas to those noble souls doing rescue, TNR (trap-neuter-release), feral kitten taming and adoption. Feral_Cats
  • From the Feral Cats list, here is a useful link lost cats:


My Buddhist practice has been my mainstay since 1968. My own local temple, Myoshinji, has put up a site with links to other information.

I have the great honor of a friendship with Jacqueline Stone that has lasted over four decades. She is now Professor of Japanese Religions in the Religion Department of Princeton University. Her explanations of Buddhism are both profound and crystal clear. I'm thrilled that her web page will now make some of her shorter work available online.


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