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A new novel in my Gravitas series featuring Sybil of the Planet Valkyrie is in the home stretch and will be available in a few months. It's called Valkyrie on Planet Fury. The first in the series, Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone is now available both ebook and paperback.
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Early this year I joined forces with a highly talented, but not widely known, group of indie authors known as the Awethors. Forty-nine of us have put together a sort of literary tasting menu—a collection of very diverse short stories offered FREE as ebooks. They couldn't all fit in one volume, so there are two!

My story The Falstaff Vampire Werewolves takes the reader on a Vampire 101 class field trip to San Francisco International Airport. As the narrator, Violet, says: "When you disintegrate in open sunlight, your travel options are limited, but after dark the airport is a vast buffet of distracted humanity." At SFO the class meets a hot-blooded (literally) werewolf on a desperate mission. You can find my story in the Awethology Light, now available FREE and suitable for YA as well as adult readers.

Awethology Light and Awethology DarkAwethology Light
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The other flavor is Awethology Dark. I don't have a story in this one but the Awethors who do spin some wild stories. It's recommended for adults and also available FREE!

Awethology Dark
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