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lynneWelcome to my books. I offer their stories as an antidote to our culture's view that heroines only come in size zero packages. The subjects range from vampires, mysterious murders to monster-movie-mad weddings, but no matter what the genre, my heroines are large, in charge, and able to defeat bad guys, find love and win victories, just as women of all sizes and ages do in real life.

Josephine Fuller, a Sleuth of Size Who Doesn't Apologize

For mystery fans, the Josephine Fuller mysteries are available in ebook and trade paperback editions from Pearlsong Press.

Sir John Falstaff, Vampire

For those who love the paranormal or riotous bad boys, meet Sir John Falstaff, Vampire, undead and misbehaving in San Francisco. In The Falstaff Vampire Files, San Francisco psychologist Kris Marlowe doesn't believe in vampires, but when she's attacked by a horde of murderous monsters, she must seek help from Sir John Falstaff, the most famous rogue in history, who once drank ale and now drinks only blood.

Bride of the Living Dead

For fans of Romantic Comedy—Bride of the Living Dead—a romantic comedy featuring a bride who loves horror movies too much.

In Bride of the Living Dead, Daria MacClellan is a rebellious, plus-sized Indie Film Critic trapped by family drama in the rose petal nightmare of a formal wedding planned by her control freak, anorexic, older sister.

Critical Praise for Lynne Murray:

"An entertaining story starring a larger-than-life heroine."
Midwest Book Review on At Large

"Warm, likeable characters enliven the neatly plotted At Large. The story has a nice twist to it, with an ending that will take you by surprise."
Romantic Times

"Murray brings a refreshing approach to storytelling, developing realistic characters and believable relationships."
Booklist on Larger Than Death

"Written with a rare and entertaining clarity, and unique comic imagination."
San Francisco Examiner on Larger Than Death

"Josephine Fuller charms the reader with her wry, self-deprecating humor and her passionate defense of the underdog."
—Donna Andrews, author of Murder with Peacocks, on At Large


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