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The Falstaff Vampire Ghosts by Lynne MurrayNew in July 2016:
The second book in the Falstaff Vampire series, The Falstaff Vampire Ghosts

Movie star Trinity Scott and rogue vampire Sir John Falstaff wrestle with a crafty demon, a mob of paparazzi and a horde of hungry ghosts—not to mention the food truck owner's zombie brother-in-law. The quest for answers leads to Lost Ranch, an isolated Northern California town with a tragic past and a deadly present.

To see where it all began, try The Falstaff Vampire Files.


Also available:
Valkyrie on Planet Fury, the second book in the Gravitas series featuring Sybil of the Planet Valkyrie.

Valkyrie on Planet Fury by Lynne MurrayA forbidden love.
An impossible mission.
A planet where death lurks at every turn.
Sybil of Planet Valkyrie can't go home until she confronts the rulers of Planet Fury, where assassination is a popular pastime. The Furies demand that Sybil tap the powers of her familiar demons to find an answer that may not exist—or die trying.

Amazon Kindle Unlimited | Paperback

Advance Praise for Valkyrie on Planet Fury:

"A heady blend of science fiction and erotic fun, satire and mind-thrilling and chilling detail."
—Frannie Zellman, author of The Fatland Trilogy

"A thoroughly enjoyable read!"
—Karen J. Mossman, author of The Secret

"Weaves Greek and Norse mythology into an action-packed tale with visionary ideas, hilarious wit and sexy fun."
—Jaqueline Girdner, author of the Kate Jasper mysteries

The first in the series, Gravitas: Valkyrie in the Forbidden Zone is available on Kindle Unlimited and in paperback.

Gravitas by Lynne Murray

Amazon Kindle Unlimited | Paperback


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